We contribute to Rajasthani Mahila Mandal, a 70-year-old institution run by women, which provides subsidized education, medical, and vocational activities. We believe that for a developed country, literacy is very important. Hence, we support Friends of Tribals Society, a literacy program spread across 90,000 schools all over the country.We support Eklavya Swawalamban Trust in Wada, which reaches out to the rural villagers and gives training in better agriculture methods and vocational training to women as well as the youth.

During the pandemic, we provided monetary help to cultural artists in Mumbai who lacked the means to purchase food as well as basic medicines. We also extended our support to migrant laborers from Bihar, who were stuck in Mumbai during the pandemic's peak, with food and cash. We also crowd-sourced funds to help them out.

Beyond being grateful for our monetary support, they felt that they were connected with someone in the city who knew their plight and that they were not alone. Help was also sent to Bihari laborers in Kerala who were stuck there during the time.