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The Equinox Films and now Ram Madhvani Films offices have been in Famous Cine Building since we began. The energy of the space and the facilities they offer, whether it’s the Shooting Studios or the post production services has helped us with our work and helped us grow too. We are happy we have this long relationship with the Roongta family.

Ram Madhvani

Director/Owner, Ram Madhvani Films

We have been working with Famous Studios since the time we stepped foot in the advertising industry. Like everyone, we started small and at no point did the crew at Famous make us feel like 'small' or 'insignificant' clients. We were given as much time, importance and attention as the bigger clients. When it comes to skill and competence, Famous is right up there. There is nothing that we throw their way that they cant do - VFX, Animation, CG, Online, Grade - the works!! Working at and with famous is like working with family now. Famous makes it a point to go out of the way for their clients and ensure deliveries as promised and even before time. We regularly work with Siddhesh Nagvekar and Swapnil Patole who are top technicians and make our work that much better. We consider them to be an integral part of TEAM CHR now. We highly recommend Famous to anyone looking at a studio who wants to get their work done. 

Errol Marks & Aditya Sawant

Director/Owner, Curly Haired Rascals films

I love working at Famous studios for a few reasons. Editors, colourists, online artists, management and technicians are all very professional and courteous. They are accommodating and they never let you down. Besides this, the machines are always updated and work well and the studio is clean. It’s a happy & comfortable working environment.

Cyrus Pagdiwala

Executive Producer, Corcoise Films


Aug 3, 2023 5 mins

Innovation in Motion: PUMA Nitro TVC

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Jul 27, 2023 3 mins

From Vision to Reality: The Post-Production Triumph of IB71

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Mar 26, 2022 3 mins

Regional content driving the digital wave in Rural Areas - By Mr. Anant Roongta, MD, Famous Studios

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Mahahlaxmi (HQ)




Famous Cine Building 23, Dr Elijah Moses Rd,
Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli,
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai-400013

Phone No.

022 6153 1111


Famous Digital Studios Ramee Emerald II,
4th & 5th Floor, Linking Rd,
Opp. ICICI Bank, Santacruz (W),

Phone No.

022 6232 6000

Famous House of Artists (FHOA), Famous Studios Span Center, 45-A, 6th Floor,
Linking Rd, Santacruz (W),

Phone No.

022 6153 7475


7th Floor, Blue Wave Building,
Off New Link Road,
Veera Desai Industrial Estate,
Andheri West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400102

Phone No.

022 69522000

Arun Roongta


Mr. Arun Roongta took over in the early 1980s and was instrumental in guiding the business into the digital age. Under his leadership Famous Studios became a Mecca for advertising and TV commercials and with investments in production and post-production technologies famous secured a license to launch post-production from the Information and Broadcast Ministry

In the 1990s he launched India’s 1 st International grade animation and sound recording studios and services. In collaboration with global players such as Autodesk, Arri, and DaVinci he spearheaded the growth of all-inclusive production and post-production facilities for the M&E industry. In the past few years, he has directed his efforts to develop the studio premises with the focus on new services such as Virtual production, Visual engineering, and co Working spaces.

Anant Roongta

Managing Director

Mr. Anant Roongta, a third-generation entrepreneur is taking forth the 75-year legacy of Famous Studios. From an early age, Anant has closely witnessed content manifestations in the audio- visual industry and has nurtured his skill sets to manage the operations, strategy and development of Famous Studios.

Anant has maintained a strong focus towards introducing innovative technologies and has spearheaded new service offerings at the studio such as visual engineering, virtual production, co-working spaces, and launching one of India’s first fully certified Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision post production facilities. He is dedicatedly working towards expanding their creative, visual effects and content production facilities for the Advertising, OTT, Broadcast and Feature Film sectors.

His long-term vision is to re-energise Famous Studios as a global leader and enabler of audio-visual craft and creative solutions, with a mission to unlock, inspire and nurture storytellers from across the globe. He has led the company’s recent foray into IP and is aggressively looking to develop content for digital platforms.

Anant has completed his Masters in Entrepreneurship from Aston University, UK and is an active member of The Ascent Foundation and Entrepreneur’s Organisation (EO), Mumbai.

Bhaarath Sunder


With more than 36 years of experience helping the industry grow consciously and responsibly, Mr Bhaarath Sundar has earned praise for managing TV production and ad film production in UTV along with setting up the state-of-the-art studio USL in 1995. He is also credited for setting up the first private-sector OB van for live show coverage.

Back in 2003/2004, he had a small collaboration with Famous Studios after which, he joined Prime Focus Ltd as the CEO, being a part of its growth for 17 years. 

Starting from a garage studio to setting up studios all over India for films and ad production, he has been a role model to many, encouraging them to be their best selves. As an inspiring leader, he has a contagious passion and an unwavering commitment to guiding the team toward success.

Jayant Hadke

Creative Head – VFX

Jayant emerges as a visionary force at the crossroads of creativity, seamlessly weaving the realms of VFX, culinary artistry, and live action. With an illustrious journey spanning over two decades and three diverse industries, Jayant has sculpted his path from a graphic artist into an acclaimed Flame virtuoso, a trailblazing VFX supervisor, and ultimately, an exceptional director. His metamorphosis embodies a testament to his unyielding adaptability, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and an unwavering passion for the art of visuals.

Commanding the helm of the illustrious Famous House of Artists (FHOA), Jayant orchestrates a symphony of young, dynamic talents who are propelled by the cutting-edge thrust of AI and avant-garde technologies. Under his visionary stewardship, the studio pulsates with a culture of perpetual evolution, birthing an ecosystem that reverberates with relentless learning, audacious innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of unparalleled excellence.

Jayant's leadership narrative paints a canvas of perpetual growth, creating an ecosystem where brilliance thrives. His unique directive style emanates an ambiance of perpetual ideation, an oasis where the waters of curiosity and creativity converge. This transformative leadership ethos not only propels projects forward but also fashions an environment where every artist is a harbinger of remarkable accomplishments.

Embarking on a cinematic journey that defies expectations, Jayant's directorial acumen unfurls as a constellation of stars across the cinematic firmament. A virtuoso conductor, he has orchestrated over 70 films in a mere three-year span, each a masterpiece replete with spellbinding VFX and narratives that dance on the edges of imagination. His creations transcend mere films, serving as vanguards of new industry benchmarks and garnering resounding acclaims for their ingenuity and artistic brilliance.

In a world saturated with the mundane, Jayant emerges as a luminary whose artistic aura radiates far beyond the ordinary. His portfolio doesn't just speak; it roars with innovation, reverberates with passion, and resonates with the symphony of visual storytelling. Welcome to the universe of Jayant - where creativity knows no boundaries and every frame is an ode to boundless imagination.

Vishwas Savanur

VFX Director – Long Format & OTT

Vishwas shines as a master of cutting-edge CGI technology and practical VFX production strategy with a remarkable VFX and CGI journey spanning 25 years. Vishwas is a master of the complex web of visual effects techniques and brings his expertise to bear on camera angles, cinematic composition, and the craft of filmmaking. He works as an orchestral collaborator with Producers, DOPs, and teams to create a symphony of successful, top-tier VFX projects that span the process from pre-production to post-production.

Vishwas leaves his indelible mark on enduring films and television shows, such as the monumental "Baahubali 2," the celestial story of "Kedarnath," the quirkiness of "Judgmental Hai Kya," the cosmic journey of "Rocket Boys," and the enigmatic spectacle of "Sahoo." His talent has been recognised with awards, with Rocket Boys winning the Best VFX Work prize at both the prestigious Filmfare Awards and the ITA Awards.

Sandhya V S

Creative Producer – Long Format & OTT

Bringing more than 15 years of Hollywood VFX industry know-how, Sandhya offers her versatile expertise across the entire spectrum of VFX project stages, spanning from pre-production to post-production. Her role is pivotal in giving shape to ideas, committed to producing remarkable results within set deadlines. She's celebrated for her adeptness in creative direction and meticulous quality control, especially for international ventures. Her focus is steadfast on maintaining coherence and seamless progression in designated VFX segments.

Sandy has made her mark collaborating with esteemed VFX studios like Rhythm & Hues Studios, contributing to illustrious works such as Life of Pi, Golden Compass, Narnia, Percy Jackson, and The Incredible Hulk. Her experience extends to closely partnering with overseas clients and managing teams across multiple locations, having honed her skills in remote workflows over five years.

Guiding every project as a vigilant overseer, Sandhya ensures creative and final quality checks across the board, while judiciously managing VFX budgets and schedules. Her ultimate objective remains rooted in achieving a harmonious synthesis of artistic brilliance and punctual project delivery.

Levent Ozturk

Sr Colorist

Levent OZTURK is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in various aspects of visual media production, spanning motion picture films, music videos, advertisements, and color scheme applications. His expertise extends beyond practical work, as he shares his knowledge through compelling articles on color editing for the prestigious broadcast magazine, Broadcasterinfo.

In addition to his remarkable writing contributions, Levent has been a dedicated trainer since 2016, imparting his mastery of Davinci Resolve software and color editing techniques to the industry-leading company, Oktostore. Recognized as a trailblazer in the field, Levent authored the groundbreaking book "Softlight 1 Color Correction ABC" in early 2017, cementing his status as a pioneer in detailed color grading literature within Turkey.

Levent OZTURK's proficiency in Assimilate Scratch is highly regarded, and he serves as a representative and expert for this powerful software. He also showcases his prowess as a Colorist member of the esteemed International Society, further solidifying his standing in the industry. Additionally, Levent takes great pride in his role as a trusted partner of ViewSonic ColorPro, leveraging their cutting-edge technology to enhance his color editing applications. With his skilled utilization of Assimilate Scratch, Davinci Resolve, and Nucoda programs, and the meticulous calibration of VP27854K monitors, Levent consistently delivers outstanding results.

Prior to his venture into color grading, Levent OZTURK accumulated valuable experience in cinematography and directing. Building upon this foundation, he embarked on his professional journey in color grading in 2014. Complementing his practical expertise, Levent continues to contribute to the field by writing enlightening articles on color grading for Broadcasterinfo Magazine.

Notably, Levent OZTURK's dedication and proficiency have earned him membership in the Colorist Society International, an influential organization based in the United States. He cherishes this affiliation as it allows him to collaborate with industry peers and stay at the forefront of color grading advancements. Moreover, Levent takes great pride in being a Color Partner of ViewSonic International, demonstrating his commitment to delivering exceptional color experiences.

With an illustrious career that combines extensive experience, notable publications, and partnerships with industry leaders, Levent OZTURK continues to shape the world of color grading while leaving an indelible mark on the visual media landscape.

Andrés Delgado

Sr. Colorist

We're thrilled to welcome Andrés to our team, a seasoned professional with an extraordinary background in color grading. With an impressive 13-year journey, Andrés has become an invaluable collaborator, bringing his expertise to projects of every kind. His academic accomplishments include studying at the prestigious International Film and TV School, EICTV, further enhancing his artistic prowess.

In 2019, Andrés embarked on an exciting adventure in the vibrant city of Mumbai, where he swiftly immersed himself in the dynamic Indian market. This invaluable experience allowed him to truly understand the unique needs and aspirations of directors, cinematographers, and clients. As a result, Andrés has been a trusted partner on numerous high-profile projects, ranging from commercials and music videos to impactful documentaries. Renowned brands such as Facebook, H&M, Google, Amazon, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota have all placed their visual storytelling in Andrés's capable hands.

Swapnil Patole

Chief Colourist

Swapnil Patole Senior D.I Colourist (DI HOD) at Famous Studios, combines his professional work with a creative personal touch. He brings over 15 years of experience in the field and has worked on a plethora of TV Commercials, some of the brands include BMW, Nestle, Mercedes, Amazon and more. He has also worked on feature films as well many OTT projects with Netflix, ZEE5, Hotstar. 

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Avinash Shukla

Sr. Colourist

Avinash Shukla, our dynamic Colorist, possesses extensive expertise spanning 8 years in the domains of Advertising, Long Format, and OTT. At an impressively young age of 28, Avinash has forged a distinguished reputation with a remarkable portfolio showcasing a collection of acclaimed projects including Taaza Khabar, Gumraah, Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story, City of Dreams 3, U Turn, Sirf ek Banda Kafi hai, Magic of Shiri, I love you, Masaba Masaba Season 2, and numerous others currently available for streaming on major OTT platforms like Netflix, Zee5, Sony Liv and Hotstar.

Avinash's repertoire extends beyond long-format content, encompassing a diverse range of projects, from music videos and TV commercials for renowned brands like Nike, Reebok, BMW, Hyundai, Google, Lakme, Sunsilk, Zepto, Skoda, Croma, Jeep, Samsung, Vivo, Amazon, Royal Enfield, Netflix, Ford, Tata Cliq, IPL, and Tata to top Indian artists such as Divine, Baadshah, MC Stan, Jazzy B, and Guru Randhawa.

Avinash's achievements have earned him well-deserved recognition in the industry. In 2022, he was not only shortlisted but also nominated for the prestigious international colorist awards in two categories: 'HDR Grade' and 'Commercial Video.' Moreover, his remarkable work has also garnered him accolades at the VAM Awards 2023. He secured the Best DI in Commercials/Ad for his work on HRX - Work in Progress and the Best DI in Digital/OTT for his contribution to Baazigar by Divine.

His exceptional track record and knack for producing breathtaking visuals has propelled him to the forefront of the industry, making him a highly sought-after Colorist.

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Prashant Sharma

Sr. Colorist

Prashant Sharma brings over 18 Years of experience in colour grading of many OTT, Theatrical and Advertising content. He has worked with many Big Banner production house like Chrome Pictures, Vishal Bharadwaj Films, Friday Film Works, T-Series etc., Some of his acclaimed works are Rangoon, Toilet ek prem Katha, Batti gul Meter Down, Daddy, Hamid, Hurdang, and web series like the Inspector Avinash and many more. Before starting his journey with Famous he was with Post House and Pixion. A Humble man with an eye for detail and passion for colours make him a go-to colourist.

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Javris Marcedo

Sr. Sound Engineer

Jarvis has more than 20 years of experience in the recording business. Besides working on advertising with some of the heavyweights in the industry, he has also worked on projects like the background score for movies like R. A. W., Fireflies and recorded the Indus Creeds album Evolve. He is a singer and music producer himself and has sung on adverts for Cadbury, Royal Enfield, Hero and released his original songs in collaboration with various artists.

Hiren Shanishchara

Sr. Online Artist

A thorough perfectionist with a stellar reputation, he is a veteran who has been associated with some of the greatest works accomplished on commercials. Specialising in beauty products and car commercials, he also brings in, over a decade of experience having worked with top tier production houses - Corcoise Films, Big Momma Films, Milestone Films to name a few. With a portfolio boasting brands such as Porsche, Lakmé, Puma, Raymond, he is geared to make the best, feel at home here.

Just the right blend of experience & creativity has made him a favourite amongst India’s leading advertising agencies and production houses. We are thrilled to have him as a part of the Famous family and look forward to doing great work together.

Harsh Baria

Sr. Online Artist

Harsh an experienced film industry professional has honed his skills over a remarkable 20-year career, with 18 of those years spent at Prime Focus Limited. Starting out as an offline editor, he has gained extensive experience in online finishing software, including the use of industry-standard programs like Smoke and Flame. His impressive body of work includes ad films for major brands such as Hyundai, Bajaj, and Nissan, as well as contributing to the visual effects and online finishing of several OTT projects, including Inside Edge, Blackout, Shezada, and Bollywood Wives. When he's not working, he loves to travel, ride his bike, and enjoy some music.

Harsh has joined our Advertising team at Famous as a Sr. Online Artist.

Siddhesh Nagvekar

Sr. Online Artist

Siddhesh Nagvekar, our senior online finishing artist, has over 12 years of expertise in the post-production field. Siddesh has worked for several well-known brands, including Skoda Kushaq, Motorola, Tata Nexon, Dabur, Cleartrip, Amway, Hyundai, Muscleblaze Mamaearth, Reliance Jewels, Kingfisher, Britannia, Cultfit, Samsung, HP Laptops, and many more, with great precision and a keen eye for detail.

His most recent long-form project is Rafta Rafta, which is currently streaming on Amazon Mini. In his spare time, he enjoys riding bikes and playing cricket.

Sanjay Chavan

Sr. Quantel Artist

Honed in the artistic haven of India - JJ School of Arts - where he discovered his passion for the art of finishing. With over 25 years of experience, Sanjay has collaborated with top-tier brands including Pantene, Garnier, and Dove, bringing his unique artistic flair to their campaigns. And that's not all - his mastery of grading has also earned him credits on high-profile films like Natarang, showcasing his versatility as a post-production wizard.

Sanjay's presence on our team at Famous Studios is a game-changer, and we know that with his artistic touch. It's no surprise that Sanjay prefers Quantel, as their software is the ultimate tool to help him understand the client's vision and achieve the required creative solution with precision and ease.

At Famous Studios, we're honoured to have Sanjay and his unparalleled skills, turning ordinary projects into extraordinary works of art.

Pranay Shetty

Sr. Online Artist

Introducing Pranay Shetty, a seasoned Flame artist with a decade of experience in post-production.

With a portfolio featuring prominent brands such as Gulf Oil, Nykaa, Center Fresh, Himalayan, Licious, Google, Specs Mojo, Skybags, Disney, and Surf Excel. Pixon Studio and Prime Focus Ltd. were among his former employers.

Pranay is renowned for his exacting attention to detail and independent thinking, which allow him to consistently produce excellent results.

Abhilesh Shivalkar

Offline Editor & Online Artist

Abhilesh Shivalkar is a Avid Editor and Flame Artist with an experience of 22 years. His work carries a distinct stamp of creativity and innovation that comes from a decade of working in Commerical Industry. He has worked with popular brands like Westside, Nexa, Philips, EDW, DW, Mercedes Benz, Yamaha, Lays, Oman Tourism, Pepperfry, Hyundai, Domino and many more

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